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When & Where can I pick up my lobsters?

- Lobsters can be picked up at our booth on your chosen sale day.  On June 8th and July 6th, you can pickup your live lobsters from 10am-3pm at Wissinger's Auto & Truck Repair parking lot (formerly C & R Service Center), 3768 William Penn Ave, Johnstown, PA 15909.  On Aug 10, lobsters can be picked up at Revloc Park, Pavilion #6 beginning at 10am.  The Lobsterfest picnic is from noon - 4pm.


How do I transport my lobsters home?

- Please bring a cooler to transport your lobsters home.  Either a hard sided or soft sided cooler is fine.  We do have bags available for anyone who does not have a cooler, but it is easier and better for the lobsters to take them home in a cooler.  Ice packs, frozen water bottles or ziploc baggies of ice work best to keep your lobsters cold.


How should I store my lobsters once I bring them home?

- Lobsters can be stored directly in the refrigerator in a paper bag (they are living creatures and need to breathe).

-- Lobsters can also be stored in a cooler with ice packs (do not store them in direct contact with ice or any fresh water).

- We recommend that you cook your lobsters within 24 hours. 


How do I cook my lobster?

Cooking lobsters is easy! 

- Boil enough water in a large pot to completely cover the lobsters. Boil on high heat

- Add lobsters to the pot after the water reaches a rolling boil.

- The water should return to a boil in approximately 5 minutes and the lobsters should cook in the boiling water for an additional 5-6 minutes.  The total time the lobsters should be in the water is approximately 10-11 minutes.

- Be careful not to over-cook the lobsters!


Can I freeze my lobsters?

--Yes, after cooking, chill the lobsters immediately in ice water and package your lobster in an airtight freezer or foodsaver bag and freeze. 

-  We have found that the best way to reheat whole lobsters is to warm them slowly on indirect heat on the grill.  (Turn the grill on low and place the lobsters away from the flames).


What if one of my lobsters dies before I cook it?

-No worries! As long as the lobster is kept cold and cooked within 24 hours, you can cook and enjoy it as normal and it will be just as delicious.


Those lobsters were delicious, can I buy more?

-  You are always welcome to order more lobsters for our next pick-up date.  Sometimes we have leftover lobsters at the end of our pick-up days, you may contact us directly to check if there are any leftovers available for purchase.

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